Dance Connection Crew

Dance Connection Crew is a competitive dance group, participating in championships, festivals and performances with dance performances.
They believe that dance goes beyond dance, they believe in art that transforms from the inside out, in art that saves and changes lives, and beyond technique, this is what they seek to take to the stage! 
We work as the theme of this project the phrase "body and mind connected"!
The group's visual identity had to be something of a personality, respecting the nature of the area and connecting with its audience, as well as impacting its competitors.
Black, in addition to bringing elegance and sophistication, is the color of rebelliousness and individuality, is the most direct and strong color of all and blends with the nature of the group.
Red is the color of dynamism and energy, the will to move and act. Experiments show that red has the ability to stimulate the human body, causing an increase in blood pressure and the number of heartbeats.
Finally the brand called for a typography with personality and movement to match the colors, as well as strong and striking applications.

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