Decants Brasil

Decants Brazil is an imported perfume store specializing in decants. which are a fractional amount of a specific original perfume that makes it easy to take with you and use it more often during the day without having to carry the entire glass with you. 
 The key words collected in the briefing were Elegance, Power and Significance

The symbols chosen for the brand concept were the Tree and the Drop

The Tree: The tree is one of the symbols that brings the feeling of respect to people, trees bring the feeling of greatness, wisdom, power, and even a magical feeling, so in many works of fantasy the trees are portrayed as guardians or as deities, and in all these portraits these tree characters are never evil or unfair, they are always portrayed as good and wise characters, which shows what feeling people have when they look at a tree and is always a  good feeling, no one ever links a tree to something bad. In some cultures trees are sacred symbols that most often symbolize life. Also, talking about perfumes, when you think of smells or a symbolism of perfumes you think of plants, flowers. This is the source of good smells that everyone thinks, so a plant is a good symbolism for perfumes. 

The Drop: Besides giving movement and delicacy to the symbol, it symbolizes a drop of perfume, perfume always comes in a liquid state. And besides, a drop is always part of something bigger, which symbolizes the nature of Decants which is a smaller portion of something for you to know and if you like to buy the biggest.

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