Bianca Zampar - Psychopedagogue

Bianca Zampar is a pedagogue and teacher and psychopedagogue in Londrina, Brazil.Currently works in a clinic serving children with learning difficulties and/or disorders.

In addition to clinical care, Bianca wants to share her knowledge and influence using social networks.
For children to feel able to overcome obstacles, exploring and stimulating to the maximum their learning and potential.
For families to be effective in raising their children, to educate with love, with empathy, with positive attitudes and words that will contribute to their development.
For education professionals to share experiences, knowledge exchanges, also to build a "support" network for so many families who do not have knowledge about child education and learning.

Seeking to modernize and innovate, the brand was created to be comfortable and attractive, generating good feelings and avoiding the feeling of "fear" or "discomfort". A friendly, modern and welcoming brand with simple and direct forms, easy to recognize and that certainly draws the attention of your audience.

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